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Kongeemed – Your Trusted Exporter of Medical Gauze Pads

Established in 2003 and located in Hebei, China, Kongeemed has grown to include a wholly owned subsidiary and over 500 dedicated employees. We’re equipped with a scientific and standardized quality management system and boast 20 years of experience in the field of medical consumables and sanitary materials.

Trade Capacity:

Kongeemed has established itself as a leader in the global market for medical supplies, with a strong presence in over 70 countries. Our extensive experience in foreign trade ensures that our high-quality medical supplies are accessible to healthcare providers worldwide, no matter their location.

Through advanced logistics and a nuanced understanding of international trade laws and customs, we guarantee efficient and timely delivery of our products.

Each year, we successfully export substantial volumes of medical supplies, with international sales constituting a significant portion of our revenue. Our ability to adapt products to meet diverse international standards and customer preferences sets us apart, making us a preferred partner in global healthcare supply.

Kongeemed actively participates in major international trade shows and industry events, these events are opportunities for us to showcase innovations, connect with customers, and gather insights that drive our strategic direction.

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Customer Feedback

Very good customer services, the representative is patient and friendly. fast shipping, no need to do anything nor worry about the customs, delivered directy to my house. Super good.

John Allison

Actually I faced to a problem of clearance and they explained me everything and trying to do their best all the time. I recommend to you to be a customer of them. They are really kind to being a seller.

Alicia Potter

Product looks good condition and well presented – very nice printing on packaging. Got product on time with oreffesional service. would 100% do business with again.

Edward B. Suarez

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Extensive Product Range:

Kongeemed provides a wide array of medical supplies tailored for the specific needs of healthcare environments. Our selection is engineered to address the varied requirements of contemporary medical practices.

From respiratory protective gear and advanced wound care dressings to essential operating room equipment and a complete lineup of sanitary materials and disinfectants, we cover all necessities.

extensive product range
Browse our range and let us help you find the exact products to meet your needs. Contact us for personalized assistance.

Advanced Production Capabilities:

Our expansive production facilities boast the latest in manufacturing technology with over 30 specialized workshops and hundreds of sophisticated machines.

Designed for large-scale production, these facilities feature ten dedicated inspection rooms where each product is thoroughly evaluated to meet strict quality standards and fulfill customer expectations.

kongeemed production equipment
kongeemed production equipment
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OEM Capacity:

With two decades of expertise, Kongeemed excels in the customization of medical supplies such as medical gauze pads. Whether your needs involve unique dimensions, specific materials, or customized packaging, our skilled team is ready to meet your specifications.

We engage with you from the initial consultation to the final approval of your tailored products, ensuring satisfaction at every stage.

We needed specialized bandages for our pediatric care units, and Kongeemed delivered exactly what we were looking for. The customization options were invaluable.

Dr. Emily R., Head of Pediatrics

We required custom-packaged surgical kits and Kongeemed delivered exactly what we envisioned. The kits have streamlined our operations and enhanced our efficiency. Their team made the process easy and the results speak for themselves.

Hospital Supply Manager

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Quality Control:

Kongeemed is committed to manufacturing medical products that are not only effective but also reliably safe and hygienic. Our stringent quality control procedures are in line with international standards, underscored by prestigious certifications like CE and ISO.

This rigorous oversight ensures that every item we produce adheres to the highest quality benchmarks.


Dedicated R&D and Customer Support:

Our R&D department is continually pushing the boundaries of product innovation to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. Supported by a team of highly skilled technicians, we develop solutions that lead the market in quality and innovation.

Complementing our R&D efforts, our customer support team is dedicated to resolving your queries and ensuring that your requirements are met with the utmost professionalism and care. This comprehensive approach guarantees superior product performance and client satisfaction.

Need expert advice or support? Contact our customer service team today and experience the commitment and care that define our service.

Procurement Process


Start with a quote request at Kongeemed, and receive a competitive pricing estimate promptly from our team.


Test the excellence of our medical supplies with free samples to ensure they meet your needs before purchasing.


Our sales team will guide your order, ensuring accuracy and offering multiple payment options for convenience.


Once your order is placed, we manage all aspects of timely and secure delivery of your products.

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Why Choose Kongeemed?

Excellent Product Quality
Our absorbent gauze bandage rolls and other medical supplies are crafted using premium materials, ensuring superior performance in all medical settings.

Fast Order Delivery
State-of-the-art production capacity and efficient production processes allow us to process your orders quickly and without delays.

More Favorable Price
By optimizing our manufacturing processes and maintaining efficient operations, we are able to pass on cost savings to our clients, making our products not only top-notch but also economically advantageous.

Outstanding Customer Service
Kongeemed’s customer service team is dedicated to supporting your needs, providing personalized service from initial contact to post-purchase inquiries. We’re here to assist with product selection, order customization, and any questions you may have.

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